Manage and Grow Your Wealth & Assests

Our top priority is to protect and grow our client’s wealth, while seeking stable and high returns through strategic investments through real estate partnership. We are pround of managing and mititating key risks every step of the way.

$1.5 billion+

Mortgage Approval

$1 billion

Managed Asset


Families Served


Investment Return


We have a nation wide top-notch team dedicated to providing one-stop mortgage solutions, such as consultation, application, approval, and more, making it easy for you to obtain the necessary funds for your home purchase in Canada.

Wealth Management

We provide a comprehensive financial planning service to protect your legacy. Our team recognizes the crucial role of financial planning in wealth preservation and growth. By working with us. you can optimize your tax obligations and invest with confidence.


We provide a full spectrum of real estate services, which includes consultation, site acquisition, architecture, regulation, financing, marketing, and much more. We provide support throughout the enture process, ensuring a confident and successful investment experience with us.


Our customized insurance strategies will protect your property, assets, your loved ones and yourself. Our licensed propfessionals work seamlessly to create insurance packages tailored to your unique needs.

Who We Are

We are a comprehensive platform that offers a full range of solutions, including Guaranti Mortgages, WealthPlus Financial, Columbia Insurance, and G.A.E Construction. Our team of professionals of dedicated to providing exceptional service and expert advice.


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