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We provide professional investment consulting services to help you manage and grow your wealth more effectively. We always adhere to the principles of integrity, professionalism, and efficiency, tailoring investment plans for each client to ensure they are always in a favorable position during the investment process.


Redefine Real estate investment: REITs & MIC 10-year zero loss, with an average return of 13.46%

REITs and MICs offer innovative real estate investment options, allowing individuals to indirectly invest in the Canadian real estate market through the purchase of REITs funds or MIC shares. Both options provide a steady monthly income and involve in diversified property types such as rental apartments, student apartments, and medical buildings.

Investment loans:

The perfect way to invest, earn, and save on taxes

Investment loans are a unique financial leverage product in Canada, emcompassing advantages such as low interest rates and no collateral requirements. We can assist clients in applying for investment loans on their behalf and selecting suitable investment fund targets, thus achieving rapid asset appreciation.

Become our lender partner & Earn 10% stable return

We offer diverse loan investment opportunities, including real estate loans, commercial loans, and more. Our professional team conducts rigorous risk assessments and due diligence to ensure that every loan is fully secured and protected. We welcome all types of investors, whether individuals or institutions, to become our lending partners.

Join us and make your assets appreciate more steadily and reliably.

Partner with GAE for high returns on every project

We offer a complete range of real estate services that cater to our clients’ unique needs. From site acquisition to architecture, from financing to marketing, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire investment process. With our expertise and guidance, our clients can confidently make informed decisions and achieve their investment goals.

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