Redefine Real estate investment: REITs & MIC 10-year zero loss, with an average return of 13.46%

REITs and MICs offer innovative real estate investment options, allowing individuals to indirectly invest in the Canadian real estate market through the purchase of REITs funds or MIC shares. Both options provide a steady monthly income and involve in diversified property types such as rental apartments, student housing, and medical buildings.

Investing in income-producing apartments –the most stable sector of real estate that yields consistent returns


Monthly cash dividends

Long-term growth potential Stable, rational pricing with lower volatility and low correlation to major equity markets

RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA eligible

Real estate ownership without responsibility of management Experienced

Professional management team

The average annualized return of ten years


Consistent, reliable income with fixed monthly distributions

Low volatility

Uncorrelated to traditional asset classes

This market gap represents a compelling opportunity for non-bank lenders

Loans are fully secured by real estate

Returns are greater than corresponding levels of risk

The average annualized return of ten years



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